A Baby Shower

Our baby shower turned out beautiful and so much fun! I had a little army of people helping that included my mom, stepdad, stepsis, nephew, best friend and hubby. It took a village lol, but it took off some stress from me and I was able to relax and enjoy. Also, special shout out to my best friend, who was the one making sure pictures were taken and because of her I have beautiful pictures with my family, most of the guests, decorations and set up. She would also direct us on how to pose and would tell me which was my best angle. Not only was she the self-designated photographer but also head decorator. What else can you possibly want in a best friend?

The shower was co-ed and my stepsis was in charge of the games. She picked 2 very fun ones and everyone participated and laughed. I definitely recommend playing them even if your shower is not co-ed. One was to draw baby Leo on a paper plate on your forehead and the other one was to make the baby out of play-doh. You'd be surprised, but people get really into both games! Especially the Play-Doh one, it got really competitive! Seriously, my one piece of advise if you're having a baby shower is to designate the most fun person you know to be in charge of your games.

For food we did brunch with scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes, waffles, french toast casserole, my mom's famous egg stratta, coffee bar, mimosas and munchkins and a dessert table with assorted mini desserts and cake.

The theme was baby Lion King (the line is called Sweet Circle of Life. Discontinued by Disney, sadly) because of the baby's name being Leo. In hindsight, it wasn't very clear that that was the reason since his name was nowhere to be seen :( If there's one thing I regret is not getting the giant ballon letters to spell it out. I really debated whether to get them or not, and decided not to since we had baby lion balloons.

Now for the photo dump!

My parents setting up fruit cups

BFF setting up background

Outside tent

Decorated tables 

Decoration team 

Stepdad in charge of kitchen

Decor team hard at work

Food almost ready

Drinks and coffee

Always laughing!

My most favorite paicture

Main table

Cake made by my BFF's sister

Sweets and favors

Sweets and Simba

More sweets

Simba Funko 

Drawing on forehead game

It's a fun one


Play Doh babies game

Everyone was so into it 

Took them a long time! 

Stepdad's creation (toddler)

Winner baby

Different color diaper

He had a night stand and lamp!

He was wrapped in a blanket 

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