29 weeks and an election

This week was a busy one! It was election day, my nephew's 18th birthday, our baby shower and I had Kid's Ministry. Phewwww!

Election day I was a nervous wreck. Up until the day before I had been SO SURE. I knew it would go the way it was supposed to, there was just NO WAY that he would win. Even when I spoke to a Trump supporter in my office, she told me she knew Hilary would win.
I went to school that day, but I decided to skip my night class. I was just so nervous. I had an uneasy feeling, and went straight home to watch it unfold. My husband and I watched with baited breath, not really talking about it much, but every once in a while he would say "I don't like this. I don't like this" and I would say, "I don't think it's going to go the way it's supposed to." Back and forth we went until about midnight when we headed upstairs to sleep, already with a sinking suspicion. I woke up in the middle of the night, checked my phone and confirmed. The next day was just somber. It's the only way I can describe the vibe of the office. No one was talking. Everyone was in shock.

It was also my nephew's birthday so we decided to head out for dinner at Olive Garden with my parents. We had a delicious dinner and surprised him by having the staff sing to him. I was surprised too because I didn't see anyone in my family "go to the bathroom" so I'm still not sure when/who asked for the singing, but it was a good time. Happy birthday buddy! We love you and are so proud of you.

Friday was Veteran's Day so everyone (except for Hector) had the day off. It was a day FULL of errands and tasks in preparation for the baby shower the next day. Thank God for my mom and step-dad. They came over to help with all kinds of things. My stepdad and nephew did some gardening (we had an outside brunch), my mom helped me with setting up the serving ware. The tables, chairs and tent rentals were delivered. The cleaning lady was picked up. It was a long day that also included a mani-pedi, but not much relaxing on my part. I just get so anxious when hosting parties that I literally can't stop moving until the first guest walks in the door. However, it was a great time! I will do a photo dump and day of post in a few days.

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