An update

So, I haven't updated the ol' blog in about a month. Of course it was the busiest month of all my months so far so it figures. I'll just update in bullet format:

- MATERNITY SHOOT: If you're in the South Florida area and looking for a maternity, newborn or family photographer; I highly recommend Melissa. She was incredibly patient (I'm a nervous wreck in front of cameras) super professional, sweet as pie and incredibly talented!

- THANKSGIVING: It was bittersweet as my brother was going through a hard time and he wasn't here. We all missed him but we still celebrated and video chatted him. My mom's spread was delicious as always and Hector and I had enough leftovers for lunch AND dinner the next day. 

- GILMORE GIRLS! Speaking of the day after Thanksgiving, I was sooooo excited and so ready for the GG revival! I remember watching the show when it first aired here and there and liking it, but not really following it religiously. Early this year (or was it late last year?) I stumbled upon it on Netflix and decided to give it a chance. I loved it and couldn't get enough! I laughed, cried, laughed and cried at the same time.  While I was watching the original show, Hector got into it and we would watch it together sometimes so he was *semi* excited for the revival while I was next to him freaking out. For the record, I cried 36 minutes into the very first episode so... 
It was good, it wasn't great but I liked it! The last 4 words were good and left me in shock (me to Hector: "but how?!! but who?!! It better not be that Wookie!) and I appreciated seeing all the cameos from Parenthood and Bunheads. I could literally write an entire post on just this very topic so I'll move on now. 

- SCHOOL: GAHHHH.... The 2 weeks before finals were brutal! I had presentations, papers, homework, quizzes. On top of that I had work, was 32-34 weeks pregnant and just over it. I questioned wether or not I *really* wanted this degree Lots of tears, lots of hair pulling, lots of Hector talking me off the ledge. And then finals week. Ugh. But it's over now and I got through it. And I didn't get terrible grades. So I win! Now all I have left is my practicum which will have to be done during the summer semester (can't do it next semester as it starts 2 weeks before my due date) and then FREEDOM! and a Bachelor's Degree. 

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