26 weeks!

Pretty uneventful week. Got 1 Crossfit workout in and no Zumba (I was exhausted that day), did more baby shower planning and served as interpreter at church for the first time (Pastor preaches in Spanish and I interpret in English through a mic straight into member's headphones

Weight: 18lbs up

Maternity clothes: Absolutely. All my pants and leggings are maternity and most tops as well. I wear a few tops that are non, but I bought them a size up and I think they won't fit anymore in the next few weeks. I still have 2 non maternity maxi dresses that I wear but they're also kind of tight.

Stretch Marks: No new ones that I've noticed, just the same ones getting deeper? Or more noticeable? I'm not sure.

Sleep: Not great. I've always had trouble falling asleep and I think it's getting worse now. I'm definitely not getting 7-8 hours and I feel it. Will I ever sleep? Probably not :(

Best moment: I might be imagining things, but I feel like he reacts to his daddy's voice which is the sweetest thing ever

Missing: being able to sleep!! also, not sleeping in a reclined position. We have an electric platform bed and you can put your feet and your head up, and I sleep on it completely reclined all night.

Loving: Feeling him kick and talking to him.

Movement: He moves a lot! He's still on his little schedule for the most part, but he moves so much. He also kicks back if i'm laying down or sitting in a way that's uncomfortable for him haha little divo already.

Cravings: Nothing weird, just more food in general. I get really hungry sometimes.

Sick: No. My heartburn and reflux are back, but nothing like it was at the beginning. I'm back to being scared of tomato sauce and spicy stuff.

Showing: Yes definitely. Some people say I have a tiny belly, some people say it's huge but it's there for sure!

Symptoms: Still crying when I'm tired or overwhelmed. My feet swell up at the end of the day and my hands and fingers swell up when it's too hot outside. 

Looking forward to: sleeping, napping, putting my feet up, relaxing

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