25 Weeks and a hard good bye

This week was a hard, emotional one. For reasons that I'm not entirely too thrilled about, my younger brother moved to California. I spent a lot of time praying, crying, talking to my mom, worrying and it was all for nothing. His decision was made. He left early on Monday morning, drove for 3 days and made it to his destination. 

I'm sad that he's gone and that he chose to leave so close to the holidays and before even meeting baby Leo, but I have accepted it and am trying to be supportive of his decision and keep my mom strong. 

Even though we're only 2 years apart, I always felt like he was my baby and have tried my hardest to protect him from making mistakes and teach him from my own, but there's no way that you can completely shelter someone from stumbling. This is the path he has chosen and it's something we have to get used to. 

I will miss him like crazy and it would have been lovely to see him interact with my baby the way he did with our other little nephew who looks up to him and thinks he's the coolest person to walk this Earth but such is life.

Mom, bro and I at Panera :'(

Pregnancy wise, this week was uneventful but I've noticed my feet swelling up when I spend too much time sitting down so I try to walk around every so often and stretch my legs a little.

For school, I had to do a presentation that was making me really nervous (public speaking is right up there in my most hated things list) but I felt like I did really well! Our professor recorded us so we could critique ourselves afterwards and I must say i was impressed lol GOOD JOB SELF! 

I was able to get two Crossfit workouts this week (although now I'm scaling pretty much everything) and it helps tons with swelling, sleeping and overall feeling better so I've made it a goal to go 3 times a week every week. It's been hard to get to that number because of how busy my schedule is and sometimes I just feel like I'd rather sleep or rest a little than get in the car and drive to the gym then workout and then drive back home. 

I'm very thankful for this time but I feel like it's going by so fast and I'm not paying enough attention to it because of how much I have going on. I'm sure once the semester is done in mid-December I will be able to just relax and completely enjoy the last month and a half of being pregnant. I'm very much looking forward to that. 

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