22 Weeks

We had a second ultrasound because he didn't let himself be fully 
measured during the first one 2 weeks ago 

This week has been challenging. I've had a lot going on been more stressed than usual. It's made me emotional and I've cried a lot. I got sick with a cold yesterday so I stayed home from work today to recoup. I have tons of homework this weekend so I can't relax much.

Weight: 8lbs up
Maternity clothes: Yes, work pants and jeans. I still wear my non-maternity tops and some dresses (that are dangerously close to not fitting anymore)
Stretch Marks: One big one that I got on my belly at the very beginning and a couple little ones on my hips. I religiously slather myself with this. It smells pretty good too. 
Sleep: Not too good. I wake up around 4 times to pee and have a very hard time sleeping on my side.
Best moment: Seeing our baby again! 
Missing: being able to sleep on my back comfortably. 
Loving: Feeling him kick hard enough that I feel it outside of my belly.
Movement: Tons! He's on a sort of schedule. I feel him move a lot mid-morning around 11am and then a little less throughout the day. He moves a lot again at nighttime when I lay down.
Cravings: All kinds of fruit and sweets.
Sick: As in to my stomach? not much anymore. Sometimes I smell peppers and they make me a little tiny nauseous but not too bad. 
Showing: Yes
Symptoms: Being more emotional sometimes, I cry when I'm stressed out and tired. I also cried because my workout shoes didn't fit anymore :(
Looking forward to: Getting some rest as I battle this cold. 
Dad’s thoughts: “It's so sweet and precious that our baby is growing so fast. I'm glad to see your morning sickness is all gone away and that your heartburn is stable and not all day everyday like it was. Are you taking your vitamins?”

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